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At Henri's, we like to personally assist in the process of purchasing diamonds.  

It gives us great pleasure to educate our clients on the benefits and beauty of each diamond. We spend time with our customers to see the diamond under magnification and compare multiple diamonds against one another to analyze both color and internal quality. With each purchase you receive the benefit of decades of experience in the diamond business, allowing us to select from the best vendors, who take time to hand select each diamond for cut, brilliance and quality.  After perusing the list, let us assist you in the personal selection of your most treasured purchase.







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Showing 13 Diamonds
Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Lab Price
Heart 0.81 N/A None SI1 GIA $2,527
Heart 0.93 N/A K SI1 GIA $2,568
Heart 0.91 N/A J SI1 GIA $2,953
Heart 0.96 N/A K SI1 GIA $3,035
Heart 0.92 N/A H SI2 GIA $3,416
Heart 1.43 N/A K SI1 GIA $4,372
Heart 1.20 N/A F SI1 GIA $5,067
Heart 1.01 N/A E SI1 GIA $5,073
Heart 1.71 N/A L SI2 GIA $5,104
Heart 1.12 N/A E SI2 GIA $5,137
Heart 1.54 N/A G SI2 IGI $6,952
Heart 1.95 N/A G SI2 GIA $11,773
Heart 2.02 N/A D SI1 GIA $17,584
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